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Zen is our everyday life that we experience with awareness. Terra peuth is a person walking on Earth with the knowledge of every step. Holistic care is the awareness of the connections between Man, Earth and the Universe and the Moment of “now and here”.

A system of exercise, massages, harmonizing diet and lifestyle or selfexpression by voice or musical instrument is one of the ways to health.

Chi – vital energy/body and mental work – chi-kung, tai-chi, shi-atsu, meditation

Learn to play the Modern Lyre/a therapeutic instrument and also a recognised and vibrant concert one

Mgr. Helena Hlaváčková – Bartošová Dis. offers holistic health care based in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) and she is also a lyre teacher.

Chi Sessions include TCM-based health assessment, masssage (oil, acupressure, Shi-atsu) and chi-kung practice.

Helena’s Zenterapie practice is part of the International School of Healing Arts in the Czech Republic. Explore the benefits of Helena’s healing work through one of the following options:

Therapeutic massage and holistic health support in the centre of Prague.

Session includes:

  •  holistic health assessment based on traditional Chinese medicine methods
  •  comfortable, pleasing and relaxing massage (oil massage and/or acupressure/Shi-atsu massage)
  • individualised guidance for home practice (exercise, diet and mental practice)
  •   voucher for an introductory 1.5-hour chi practice at the Chi-kung/Tai-Chi-Chuan Centre on Střelecký ostrov in Prague

Location: Massage Center Ozon, Žitná 42 (metro stops Muzeum, I. P. Pavlova or Karlovo náměstí)

Cost: 650,-CZK/hour

Energy (chi) practice in the beautiful environment of Prague’s Střelecký ostrov (island), the environment of the Park Ladronka or in Prague´s Karlín… 

Session includes:

  •  chi-kung
  •  nei-kung
  • tai-chi-chuan
  • stretching of meridians
  • self-massage
  • meditation


Chi-kung/Tai-Chi-Chuan Center, Střelecký ostrov 336 (subway Národní třída)

Studio Zenterapie, Rozýnova 9 (bus 191 from subway Anděl/bus stop Rozýnova or tram 22 or 25 from subway Malostranská or Hradčanská/tram stop Drinopol)

International School of Healing Arts, Thámova 7 (subway Křižíkova)

Cost: 200,- with subscription/250,-CZK per lesson (1 hours)

Weekend Zenterapie retreat in the pristine environment of Czech Vysočina or in Prague.

Two, three and five-day retreats with meditation, chi-kung, tai-chi-chuan, and shi-atsu and oil massage practice. Accommodation provided in a beautifully reconstructed former parish house from the 18th century. Healthy home-made meals included in the price of the retreat. Location in Prague is Prague 1 – Střeleký ostrov or Prague 6 – Bubeneč or Prague 4 – Pankrác.

Location: Former parish house Branišov, 8 km from Humpolec, 92 km from Prague

Cost: from 2000,- CZK per two days

For more information please call on +420/776 772 821 or write to helenabartosova@centrum.cz.